Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Greenfields and Covers

So most people know i have a "healthy" obsession with covers of songs, especially those where you really get to see the band / artist extend themselves out of their comfort zone getting to see how truly talented they are.  Now the amazing thing about covers is you can usually tell they are covers because they just don't have the same ring as other songs by the band / artist ... but you don't always know the original version so you don't have a frame of reference of how much the band / artist has taken liberty to "improve" it.  Sometimes you hear the original for the first time and are glad that it's been covered so the song can live on but you will never have to hear it ever again!  Others you add the original to your revolving playlist and appreciate both.

A long time ago i got a mix cd from a close friend containing a few different Faith No More covers i hadn't heard before.  Over the years the cd has been copied many times to ensure i don't lose all of it's awesomeness.  One song on the cd i have come back to time and time again in moments of happiness, frustration, loss, and just when i feel like really getting to stretch my vocal chords is Greenfields.

This is one of those where i can live without the original, but... there is actually another cover that is almost as good as the Faith No More cover which i heard in yoga a few weeks ago.

So newer cover version by Wax Tailor with vocals by Charlotte Savary is fantastic in an eerily soothing sort of way.  Unfortunately can't say i really liked any of their other songs but eh, a good cover or a one hit wonder band / artist is just my style.

And just incase you have a similar interest in covers i present to you the ultimate time suck which i want to add about 2 million entries to.

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