Thursday, June 26, 2014

Musical Wanderings on the Summer Solstice

Each year from about February on i get a bit impatient for the summer solstice to go ahead and get here. Not because i am super into longer days or the tempt of "summer" in the bay area.  I check the calendar each week counting down to the Garden of Memory musical event at the Chapel of Chimes in Oakland, impatiently looking forward to wandering a beautifully intricate building listening to the musical musing of everything from ethnic tribal sounds to the pip pop hum of homemade noise machines. Basically it's music heaven for those of us who want the time signature to change at least three times in a song to truly be happy. Here are a few different snaps and commentary from the event this year...

Theresa Wong
Sorry for the pitch black video, but it really does let you focus on the amazing sounds she can make with just a cello and her voice

Laura Inserra
Hang and improvised instrument fantastic-ness

Gretchen Jude and Matt Davignon
Just watch ... awesome

Tim Phillips

Edward Schocker
Each time we passed by no playing was happening = sad

Thomas Dimuzio
It's always fun to see those people who are completely oblivious they are in public they are so entranced with what they are doing

Brandy Gale and her generated art

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